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Across All DC shows on CW (2016-)

Role: Laurel Lance / Black Canary / Black Siren
Status: Season 5, Season 3, Season 2
Genre: Drama, action
Episodes of Arrow: 5x01, 08, 09, 10, 5x22, 5x23
Episodes of The Flash: -
Episodes of Lot: 2x17
Katie Cassidy is the latest Berlantiverse actor to have a new deal, by which she is now a series regular across multiple CW superhero shows, namely Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and hopefully, some point Supergirl.
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Role: Sharon Tate
Director: John R. Leonetti
Genre: Thiller
Status: post-production
The film is sets in 1969, and follows four friends spending a night in a posh Los Angeles mansion, who find themselves beset by a quartet of deadly killers.
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Grace (2017)

Role: Dawn
Director: Devin Adair
Genre: Dark Romantic Comedy
Status: post-production
The film follows Charlie Ellison, a formally famous writer living in a world of faded glory and writers block whose best friend and agent, Bernie has spent the advance on Elliston’s upcoming novel and is being stalked by his publisher, the IRS, loan sharks and his wife. In an effort to get a first draft, Bernie sends a belligerent young woman, Dawn to inspire and check on Charlie… but she has ideas of her own.
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Cover Versions (2018?)

Role: Jackie
Director: Todd Berger
Genre: Murder Mistery
Status: post-production
The film takes place in Coachella and is about four band members who tell varying accounts of a night of sex, drugs, and murder before their first big show at a popular music festival.
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TOMBOY KC (2013-)

Role: Creative director & editor
Type: Lifestyle & fashion blog
Status: Online since 2013
TomboyKC is a fashion project of Katie's, that she started in late 2013. As of now it is just a fashion blog, that shows Katie's personal tomboyish style, but it might actually grow into a fashion line soon.
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>> Vixen Season 2 as voicing Laurel Lance on CW (October, 2016)
>> TBA Video Game as one of the lead characters (2017)

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Unfinished or cancelled projects

Although some people make it seem like a breeze, it is definitely not easy to make movies and TV shows, not even in Hollywood. There are just too many setbacks and bumps in the road leading to the project actually seeing the light of day. Katie, with a pretty long list of finished TV shows and movies, has her fair share of projects that got nowhere as well of course.



Title: Revenge of the Nerds
Type: Feature Film
Year: 2006
Status: Project Unfinished & Cancelled

Revenge of the Nerds would have been a sequel to a movie under the same title that was released in 1987. The production of the sequel started in 2006, starring Katie Cassidy, Dan Byrd, Jenna Dewan and Kristin Cavallari. It would have been about a bunch of campus nerds taking revenge on frat boys, and Katie was supposed to play a sorority girl, along with Kristin. However, after only two weeks of shooting, the projet was shut down by it’s production company, Fox Atomic, because “the results were less than impressive. Atomic’s Peter Rice found the dailies disappointing and said the film felt smaller than the type of movie he wanted to make”.


Title: Dallas
Type: Feature Film
Year: 2006
Status: Project Cancelled

Back in 2006, a Dallas movie was planned, based on the cult soap opera under the same title. Websites reported that Katie landed a major role on the production, playing Lucy Ewing, beating Jessica Simspon and Lyndsey Lohan for the role. An insider revealed to USWeekly that the producers chose Katie because they “wanted to steer clear of the drama” and avoid divalike behavior on the set, and Katie was very humble, down-to-earth and talented. They also cast big names like John Travolta and Jennifer Lopez into the movie for main roles, along with Shirley Maclaine and Luke Wilson. However, the movie never got into production, and then years later they made a sequel TV show instead, with Katie’s name not linked to the project anymore.



Title: Fencewalker
Type: Feature Film
Year: 2008
Status: Awaiting release… for 7 years now.

Making independent movies was never easy, but one would think that if you are the creator of The X-Files, it should be somewhat easier. Chris Carter however kept this project under wraps so thick, we are not even sure what it is about. What we do know, is that the movie was shot on location in 2008, and that it is a somewhat biographical movie, about a civil rights movement kind of topic. Also, we know that the cast includes Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer and Xzibit. Apart from who-knows-if-they-are-true type of infos IMDb topics, no news. Maybe we will see this one day. Or maybe not.


Title: Georgetown
Type: TV Show
Year: 2011
Status: Not ordered in

Georgetown was meant to show the lives of the young people working in Washington DC and the White House. The pilot was finished for ABC networks, and it had James Wolk and Kevin Zegers starring alongside Katie. It was produced and created by Gossip Girl and The OC veterans, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. Katie’s character, Niki was described as a strong, independent woman, witty and clever, ambitious. However the show was not picked up by ABC, and the pilot was not released either. There are only a set of on-set pictures of Katie for us to see, and two gifs (one and two) an insider posted on Tumblr.

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