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ARROW (2012-2016)

Role: Laurel Lance / Black Canary
Status: The CW (Season 1-4)
Genre: Drama, action
Airs: Wednesdays 8.7c
Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island. He secretly creates the persona of Arrow – a vigilante – to fight the ills of society.
Gallery | News | IMDb


Role: Sharon Tate
Director: John R. Leonetti
Genre: Thiller
Status: post-production
The film is sets in 1969, and follows four friends spending a night in a posh Los Angeles mansion, who find themselves beset by a quartet of deadly killers.
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>> Vixen Season 2 as voicing Laurel Lance on CW (2016 Fall)
>> TBA Video Game as one of the lead characters (2017)

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Guess Who’s Back for the 100th Episode of Arrow

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, TV Shows


Katie Cassidy will be back for the 100th episode of Arrow

Yes, it’s true. Katie will be in the four-way crossover. We don’t know if she will be in the other three show, but we can definitely count on her on Arrow. Marc days ago posted a photo from the table read of the 100th episode. Although Katie can’t be found thath photo it was announced that she will be back. In the caption of the photo Marc said and I quote: “No flashpoint. No flashback.” So it’s Black Siren then?

They started shooting the episode yesterday (Sep 23th) and they’ll finish on October 7th. Depends on her role in the episode, but she surely will flight to Vancouver to shoot soon – if she is not already there.


NYCTalon Interview

by sheaes | labels: Hot to Adopt, Interviews

TNT: Cats are kind of classified as lounging animals, if you have one day to absolutely lounge about and devote to rest & relaxation, what would you do?
KC: Everybody loves the spa, I feel like. Probably…I don’t know if I would just like have a relaxation day… I would probably go get a facial, or go to the gym, or not talk on the phone, or go on social media. I would probably just want to be by myself, you know? And order lots of pizza.

TNT: A girl after my own heart!
KC: Yeah – girl, pizza is my jam!

Full interview can be found here…


EW’s Pre-Emmy Party

by sheaes | labels: Events

Katie was at EW’s pre-Emmy Party last night. I don’t really know if this was before or after the shooting at KAABOO Festival, but anyway she was gorgeous, 21 photos in the gallery. Oh, and Katie mentioned Stranger Things again on thr red carpet, look!

kcdaily_emmypreparty_EW_002b.jpg kcdaily_emmypreparty_EW_3_004.jpg kcdaily_emmypreparty_EW_1_001.jpg kcdaily_emmypreparty_EW_2_002.jpg kcdaily_emmypreparty_EW_1_002.jpg
kcdaily_emmypreparty_EW_2_001.jpg kcdaily_emmypreparty_EW_2_003.jpg kcdaily_emmypreparty_EW_3_009_1.jpg kcdaily_emmypreparty_EW_2_005.jpg kcdaily_emmypreparty_EW_3_008.jpg

Gallery Link(s):
– Events > 2016 > Entertainment Weekly’s pre-Emmy Party


Cover Versions

by sheaes | labels: Cover Version, Movies

So this is the first offical post about Katie’s upcoming movie, Cover Versions. I gonna include everything we know so far.

bts_onset_group_003.jpg bts_onset_group_000.jpg bts_onset_1_000.jpg bts_onset_group_002.jpg bts_onset_group_001.jpg


News 15/09

by sheaes | labels: Movies, Rumors, Videos/Multimedia
  • Katie posted another behind the scene photo from the set. I forget to mention yesterday that we still don’t have a movie title for this film. The hashtags are Star Foxy is Coming and Cover Versions Movie. The cast includes: Drake Bell, Jerry Trainor and Austin Swift. I don’t know why can’t they announce this movie already…
  • There’s a rumour going around. A few days ago (a NOT reliable) source stated that Katie will be back for Supernatural Season 12. We can’t be sure, this is just a rumour – it’s probably not true, but you can read the article here. 
  • We almost replaced all the NYFW’s photos with HQs, enjoy!


Katie about her love of cats

by sheaes | labels: Charity, Events, Hot to Adopt


At the Hot to Adopt event Katie was interviewed by Revelist, here are what Katie has to say about cats. Furthermore we got three more official photos from the event.

“Growing up, I’ve always been more of a dog lover,” Cassidy told Revelist. “And a year ago, I got Kizu, a little rag doll.”
“Obviously I think it’s really important to adopt cats, dogs, animals in general. But then I learned that there’s actually around 3 million cats in shelters, and it just broke my heart.”
“Dogs are more hands-on. Finding a forever home for my cat didn’t change my lifestyle that much. Obviously, when I travel, I make sure someone’s taking care of [Kizu], but it’s not a difficult thing.”
“If anything, it’s nice to have a little friend to greet me when I come home.”
“I love that designers are incorporating cats into different clothing [and] just making it part of a positive thing,” Cassidy told Revelist.
“I think cats are cool. I think they’re all the rage right now, and I hope they stay that way. Hopefully we do change [the cat lady] stigma.”

Gallery Link(s):
– Events > 2016 > “Hot to Adopt” Feline Fashion Lounge and Adoption Event


A shoot from NYFW

by sheaes | labels: Movies, Photoshoots, Tomboy KC

New York Fashion week is over at least for the TKC’s ladies. Katie is filming her new movie in LA, today is day 3. From the first day Katie posted a photo from the set.
So anyway here is the shoot which was taken during the New York Fashion Week.

We’ve been the girls in four-inch heels switching our weight from one foot to the next because we had to walk in shoes that are more fashionable than they are comfortable. And frankly, we’re over it.

tkc_flatsfornyfw_2_000.jpg tkc_flatsfornyfw_3_001.jpg tkc_flatsfornyfw_3_000.jpg tkc_flatsfornyfw_3_002.jpg tkc_flatsfornyfw_2_001.jpg


NYFW Day Four – Hot to Adopt Event

by sheaes | labels: Charity, Events, Hot to Adopt


So the “Hot to Adopt” event was hosted by Katie yesterday. The event was almost four hours, at least that’s what the sites say. Anyway it’s a shocker for me but we don’t have too much info on this event. Honestly we have only one official photo – but let’s hope for more. After this they didn’t show up anywhere else – at least we don’t have photos… Hopefully today, because if Katie going to start filming her new movie tomorrow then this is her last day at NYFW.

events_hottoadopt_2_28029.jpg events_hottoadopt_4_28028.jpg events_hottoadopt_2_28229.jpg events_hottoadopt_group4_28129.jpg events_hottoadopt_2_28129.jpg

+ Although we have an Insta Story video where Katie looks faboulos.
+ I added some new photos of Fanexpo Canada, you can find the link below:

Gallery Link(s):
– Events > 2016 > Fanexpo Canada
– Events > 2016 > “Hot to Adopt” Feline Fashion Lounge and Adoption Event


NYFW Day Three – One Show, One Studio

Katie’s last day was all about Hot to Adopt promoting, because her event with FreshStep happening later on today. First she appeared at Sirius XM Studio where she talked about the Charity Runyway. I don’t think we’ll gonna have this interview because last time she was on the Jenny McCarthy show the interview wasn’t published. Anyway at the studio she posed with a kitten, Fleur, and that cat is also adoptable.

events_hottoadoptsxm_2_28029.jpg events_hottoadoptsxm_3_28029.jpg events_hottoadoptsxm_1_28029.jpg events_hottoadoptsxm_4_28129.jpg events_hottoadoptsxm_2_28032.jpg

I don’t know if the “running around in NYC with Fleur” was before or after the Sirius XM, but we have an interview with FoxNews – click here (they mostly talk about Hot to Adopt) – and two photos seen around in NYC during NYFW while she was promoting Hot to Adopt.

After all this she was at USWeekly to do a live chat with fans. They talked about Hot to Adopt of course, a little bit of Arrow, she was mentioned her nem movie – she is going to start shooting on Monday and her character will be a lead singer of a band. And her motion picture aka the video game will be released next year.

Later on we got photos of the fittings, and lastly they went to Tadashi Shoji show and according to Lynsey it was a miracle to made it there.

events_tadashishoji_2_28129.jpg events_tadashishoji_group4_28029.jpg events_tadashishoji_2_27029.jpg events_tadashishoji_group4_28129.jpg events_tadashishoji_group2_28029.jpg

Gallery Link(s):
– Events > 2016 > Visits SiriusXM Studio
– Events > 2016 > Seen Around during New York Fashion Week
– Events > 2016 > Tadashi Shoji Runway Show – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


NYFW Day Two – One Show, One Opening Event

by sheaes | labels: Events

On the second day of NYFW Katie went her first runway show, it was Marissa Webb. She was gorgeous with Coco Rocha and Alyssa Greene. We have 23 photos from this show. Later on this day she and Alyssa went to Saks Store Opening, she changed her clothes, her choice was a dress, she was lovely – 11 photos in the gallery.

events_marissawebbshow_2_28127.jpg events_marissawebbshow_group2_28229.jpg events_marissawebbshow_2_28126.jpg events_marissawebbshow_group2_28329.jpg events_marissawebbshow_1_28129.jpg
events_saksstoreopening_0_28129.jpg events_saksstoreopening_2_28129.jpg events_saksstoreopening_0_28127.jpg events_saksstoreopening_group2_28129.jpg events_saksstoreopening_0_28229.jpg

Gallery Link(s):
– Events > 2016 > Marissa Webb – Front Row – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
– Events > 2016 > Saks Downtown Store Opening

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