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Across All DC shows on CW (2016-)

Role: Laurel Lance / Black Canary / Black Siren
Status: Season 5, Season 3, Season 2
Genre: Drama, action
Episodes of Arrow: 5x01, 08, 09, 10, 5x22, 5x23
Episodes of The Flash: -
Episodes of Lot: 2x17
Katie Cassidy is the latest Berlantiverse actor to have a new deal, by which she is now a series regular across multiple CW superhero shows, namely Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and hopefully, some point Supergirl.
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Role: Sharon Tate
Director: John R. Leonetti
Genre: Thiller
Status: post-production
The film is sets in 1969, and follows four friends spending a night in a posh Los Angeles mansion, who find themselves beset by a quartet of deadly killers.
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Grace (2017)

Role: Dawn
Director: Devin Adair
Genre: Dark Romantic Comedy
Status: post-production
The film follows Charlie Ellison, a formally famous writer living in a world of faded glory and writers block whose best friend and agent, Bernie has spent the advance on Elliston’s upcoming novel and is being stalked by his publisher, the IRS, loan sharks and his wife. In an effort to get a first draft, Bernie sends a belligerent young woman, Dawn to inspire and check on Charlie… but she has ideas of her own.
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Cover Versions (2018?)

Role: Jackie
Director: Todd Berger
Genre: Murder Mistery
Status: post-production
The film takes place in Coachella and is about four band members who tell varying accounts of a night of sex, drugs, and murder before their first big show at a popular music festival.
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TOMBOY KC (2013-)

Role: Creative director & editor
Type: Lifestyle & fashion blog
Status: Online since 2013
TomboyKC is a fashion project of Katie's, that she started in late 2013. As of now it is just a fashion blog, that shows Katie's personal tomboyish style, but it might actually grow into a fashion line soon.
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>> Vixen Season 2 as voicing Laurel Lance on CW (October, 2016)
>> TBA Video Game as one of the lead characters (2017)

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San Diego Comic Con: Photo Coverage

by sheaes | labels: Candids, Events, Gallery Update

After TWO freaking years, we had our fair share this year at SDCC. Because Katie is back on Arrow, so she headed to San Diego with the rest of the cast. I know I’m late, probably I’m going to miss a lot of things, but I’m trying to deliver a good coverage from both days. First let see the photos, okay? We have a looot of them.

As usual, the cast had several photoshoots:

photoshoots_sddc1_1_1_28029.jpg photoshoots_sddc_6_001.jpg photoshoots_sddc1_7_28129.jpg photoshoots_sddc1_1_28129.jpg photoshoots_sdcc_3_00000.jpg

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They had three big event: Signing, Panel and EW’s annual party. But beside of these, they had several interviews on their second day.

events_sdcc17_d2_signing_2_28029.jpg events_sdcc17_d2_press_1_28229.jpg events_sdcc17_d1_syfy_2_28029.jpg events_sdcc17_d2_ewparty_2_28128.jpg events_sdcc17_d2_panel_2_28129.jpg

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– Candids > 2017 > 2017.07.22 – Arriving at Hard Rock hotel during Comic-Con in San Diego


Black Siren Scoops

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, Candids, Interviews, On Set, TV Shows

San Diego Comic Con is almost here, but we already have some scoop on Black Siren and her role in the new season. Plus Katie and Juliana Harkavy were on set on July 15:

Question: I am excited to have Katie Cassidy back on Arrow as Black Siren. I hope she stays a villain, because it’s cool to have a regular female villain. What can we expect for her? —Diana
Ausiello: You can expect much of the aforementioned villainy, sprinkled with the occasional wish for a turn-around, at least by those who knew her Earth-One doppelgänger. “I don’t know if there’s any question about whether or not the [idea] of redemption will come up; it has to,” co-showrunner Wendy Mericle told TVLine. “Her father is there. Oliver is there. Everyone is going to be asking whether or not it’s possible to find a little piece of Laurel, the Laurel Lance they knew and loved, in there somewhere.” That said, “I think she’s interesting as a [villain],” Mericle asserted. “Black Siren is a badass.”

EW: How will someone like Black Siren feel about Dinah suiting up as Black Canary?
MERICLE: That’s a great question. I’ll just say this: She’s probably not going to like it very much. [Laughs] I mean, I don’t know how much research she’s done about her Earth-1 Laurel, but I would have to say that I think there’s going to be some sparks flying there.


Vancouver after Miami

by sheaes | labels: Candids

A few days ago, okay, almost a week ago, Katie and Matt had a quick trip to Miami, where they were spotted on the beach. We only have photos from one day, so they probably left quickly. Now Katie is in/on her way to Vancouver to start shooting Arrow Season 6. Her next event will be the San Diego Comic Con, because she will join her cast mates there, can’t wait. Till SDCC, check out the beach photos.

candids_miami17june30_2_38031.jpg candids_miami17june30_3_28129.jpg candids_miami17june30_2_28129.jpg candids_miami17june30_4_28629.jpg candids_miami17june30_2_38129.jpg
candids_miami17june30_3_28029.jpg candids_miami17june30_2_28229.jpg candids_miami17june30_4_28129.jpg candids_miami17june30_2_38030.jpg candids_miami17june30_4_28529.jpg

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Missed things here on KCD

First of all, so sorry guys I’ve been MIA for the last couple of weeks. To be honest, I’m working so hard, and studying for my exams and etc… but I’m here now and I’m trying to present here as well. 

My last post was at the end of May. Since then Katie had so many things. The biggest one is…

We’re wishing them an amazing life together.

But let’s see what she had for us, fans.

  1. After MCM Comic Con Hannover she traveled to London, to do another conventions with her cast mates. She had a panel with Emily Bett Rickards and Josh Segarra.
    If you’re interested about the panel, click here. || Day One & Day Two photos
  2. In two weeks the cast is heading back to Vancouver to start shooting the sixth season of Arrow. According to Marc Guggenheim he can promise that Katie will be in at least 13 episode as I mentioned before. After Germany she shot some promo photos for Arrow, here is a BTS photo with Echo Kellum.
  3. Do you remember after she was done shooting Arrow she shot two films and a video game? Finally we have more info about the video game, called Hidden Agenda. They released a trailer for it, with two promo photos and I added her scenes from the trailer.
  4. Katie is back in LA, enjoying her off days with her fiance but they managed to go to Santa Monica Pier and while they were there they promote a new drink, here are the photos from the “event”.

So… I think that’s all. San Diego Commic Con is almost here and there’s a rumor that Katie will be there, so finger crossed.


MCM Comic Con Hannover

by sheaes | labels: Conventions, Events

So… after I don’t really know how many days, Katie left Mallorca (honestly don’t know if there’s more to it, it definitely looked like a vacation… only a vacation) to fly to Hannover, Germany. She had a whole-weekend convenction there. It looks like she had panels on each day but not a lot of infos about them, here is one of them. According to one tweet, she is heading back to LA to shoot some promo for Arrow.

Although we have lots of photos of her. Sadly these are only MQs but Katie looks gorgeous on them. (Only from Day 1, will be updated if there’s more.) Enjoy.

events_mcmgermany_bacony_3_28999.jpg events_mcmgermany_bacony_3_28628_4.jpg events_mcmgermanyday2_1_28129.jpg events_mcmgermany_bacony_3_28829.jpg events_mcmgermany_bacony_3_29129.jpg
events_mcmgermany_0.jpg events_mcmgermany_2_28529.jpg events_mcmgermany_2_28129.jpg events_mcmgermany_2_28930.jpg events_mcmgermany_1.jpg

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TKC – Summer in the City

by sheaes | labels: News, Photoshoots, Tomboy KC

While Katie is off to Spain, the TKC Ladies were kind enough to leave us with new shoot of Katie. According to Lynsey, Katie is not only going there to have some days off:

“Katie is off to Spain and I’m off to…work. It’s gonna be a busy one for the both of us over the next week. Can’t wait to share all about her trip while we watch the house come together here in Dallas. Life moves too fast sometimes.”

That sounds exciting, but let’s check out the photos, shall we?

tkc_summerinthecity_1_38129.jpg tkc_summerinthecity_1_28128.jpg tkc_summerinthecity_0_28129.jpg tkc_summerinthecity_1_28129.jpg tkc_summerinthecity_3_28228.jpg

This is another set we grabbed at Elements while in Dallas and another example of why it is so important to try things on.

Having seen this set as we entered (we always beeline straight for the Zimmerman section out of habit), we laughed about all of the places you could wear a bra top and a pair of silk shorts. But then all of our jokes started to make sense…
The top with high-waisted mom denim and a blazer. The shorts with an oversized button down and heeled sandals. The top over a t-shirt with palazzo pants. The shorts over a swimsuit (or hell, a bodysuit!) at the beach…

Then, suddenly, the whole set was in the dressing room, Katie was raving about how cool it was and the rest is credit card history. And while we absolutely adore the set as a, well, set. We kind of are more excited about the things these two pieces are going to accomplish apart.

Stay tuned. We have plans for this one.


Arrow 5×22 – Episode Stills, Promo & Official Description

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, TV Shows

Don’t forget, Katie is back on your TV screen next week as Black Siren. Here are what you have to know until the episode.

stills_arrow_522_001.jpg stills_arrow_522_002.jpg stills_arrow_522_001.jpg stills_arrow_522_003.jpg stills_arrow_522_001.jpg

Black Siren Returns – Black Siren returns to help Chase (Josh Segarra). Felicity organizes a birthday party for Oliver while Lance is furious after Rene (Rick Gonzalez) misses the custody hearing for his daughter.


Black Siren will be in 13 episodes of S6?

Hey guys. Katie is enjoying her off days till she can. She already had some beach days in Miami and her second if not first place, British Virgin Islands.
So of course, there’s not much about her. Honestly we have a new shoot over at the TKC and some scoops about Black Siren from showrunners.

Next week hopefully we can expect her at the CW’s Upfront in New York, but I didn’t find any official info about it although I tried. Anyway… we can look at these good photos of her until we get new pictures…

tkc_welcomemay_3_28229.jpg tkc_welcomemay_2_28028.jpg tkc_welcomemay_2_28027.jpg tkc_welcomemay_2_28128.jpg tkc_welcomemay_3_28129.jpg

After the photos, here are the BS scoops from Marc’s tumblr.

  • Q: Will Black Siren get cool hand to hand fight scenes in S6:
    MG: Yes, but how about in Ep. 523?
  • Q: Promise me well get Black Siren in at least 13 episodes in S6.
    MG: I can promise you that.
  • Q: Will we see Black Siren working together with Dinah Drake or will they hate each other?
    MG: Part of the fun of bringing Katie back is seeing her character interact with Juliana’s.

And two from Wendy Mericle.

“She comes back as part of Chase’s plan. Chase knows exactly what he’s doing, and he understands how unsettling seeing somebody that looks like Laurel Lance is going to be for the rest of the team,” her “dad” Quentin included. “And from a writing perspective, it’s just fun storytelling. Katie Cassidy does an amazing job as Black Siren, and seeing her take on Dinah, or her take on Lance, is going to be fun.”

CBR: Speaking of legacy, can you tease your favorite thing about Black Siren’s return?
WM: What I love the most about Black Siren is seeing Katie Cassidy play a badass. [laughs] I mean, she was a badass before as Black Canary, but playing this other role with this darkness to it… it’s just a very interesting color for her to play, as she did Laurel, which she did an amazing job. She brings so much to this role, and it’s really seeing Katie really nail the ins and outs of this character. I think the other interesting thing about it and my favorite part is the impact that it has emotionally on the people who knew Laurel before she was unfortunately killed in Season 4. What does it mean to see this person who looks exactly like this person you loved and have them come back and be evil? It raises all kinds of questions for the people who knew her best, and that part is just absolutely rich character territory that we can play with and we’re really excited about doing that going forward.

Oh and Dana Panabaker wants a Killer FrostxBlack Siren team up. Who isn’t, right?!


Spotted at YVR Aiport once again

by sheaes | labels: Candids

Katie is back(?) for Vancouver. Honestly don’t know her or their timeline anymore, because she was shooting a few days ago, on April 3rd, but according Marc’s photos of each eps, 5×22 was done shooting on March 27th and the last one is going to start tomorrow, so I don’t know at this point. Whatever. So she was spotted at the aiport, check out the photos.

candids_yvrairport0405_004.jpg candids_yvrairport0405_001.jpg candids_yvrairport0405_000.jpg candids_yvrairport0405_002.jpg candids_yvrairport0405_005.jpg

Gallery Link(s)
– Candids > 2017 > 2017.04.05 – Spotted at YVR Airport


Scene & Info: Legends of Tomorrow

So Laurel Lance appeared again on our TV screen. The Lance Sisters reunited last night on Legends of Tomorrow, Caity Lotz described the scene as a closure for Sara Lance. You can watch their scene in our youtube channel.

lot217_scene100053.jpg lot217_scene100017.jpg lot217_scene100005.jpg lot217_scene100038.jpg lot217_scene100048.jpg

Variety: Katie Cassidy is returning for the finale as Laurel. How was it having her share scenes with Sara (Caity Lotz) again?
Marc Guggenheim: It’s always a delight to have Katie Cassidy come back and reprise her role as Laurel. It’s just one scene but it’s an incredibly pivotal scene, and I think it’s very moving.

Variety: I was excited to see Katie was returning as a series regular to “Arrow,” but I honestly had my fingers crossed that Black Siren would become a member of the Legends.
MG: That was something we had talked about. For us, the whole conversation about bringing Katie back as a series regular on “Arrow” began with her performance in the midseason premiere. We briefly spoke about bringing her on “Legends,” but I think from a story perspective we would get far more mileage out of her interacting with the cast of “Arrow.”

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