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Across All DC shows on CW (2016-)

Role: Laurel Lance / Black Canary / Black Siren
Status: Season 5, Season 3, Season 2
Genre: Drama, action
Episodes of Arrow: 5x01, 5x08, 5x10
Episodes of The Flash: Unknown
Episodes of Lot: Unknown
Katie Cassidy is the latest Berlantiverse actor to have a new deal, by which she is now a series regular across multiple CW superhero shows, namely Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and hopefully, some point Supergirl.
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Role: Sharon Tate
Director: John R. Leonetti
Genre: Thiller
Status: post-production
The film is sets in 1969, and follows four friends spending a night in a posh Los Angeles mansion, who find themselves beset by a quartet of deadly killers.
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Grace (2017?)

Role: Grace(?)
Director: Tate Donovan
Genre: Drama(?)
Status: filming in Boston
Independent film, but no other information about the movie plot.
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Cover Versions (2018?)

Role: Jackie
Director: Todd Berger
Genre: Murder Mistery
Status: post-production
The film takes place in Coachella. Her character is the lead singer of Starfoxy. No other information at this point.
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TOMBOY KC (2013-)

Role: Creative director & editor
Type: Lifestyle & fashion blog
Status: Online since 2013
TomboyKC is a fashion project of Katie's, that she started in late 2013. As of now it is just a fashion blog, that shows Katie's personal tomboyish style, but it might actually grow into a fashion line soon.
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>> Vixen Season 2 as voicing Laurel Lance on CW (October, 2016)
>> TBA Video Game as one of the lead characters (2017)

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Arrow 100th Party

by sheaes | labels: Events

First of all sorry guys I was away for the weekend and I couldn’t update you in time. But Katie was at the Arrow 100th celebration party and she posed with Caity and the rest of the cast. We have 20 photos of the event in pur gallery.

events_arrow100th_group4_28129.jpg events_arrow100th_group2_28329.jpg events_arrow100th_1_28129.jpg events_arrow100th_group2_28429.jpg events_arrow100th_3_28329.jpg
events_arrow100th_3_28229.jpg events_arrow100th_group2_28629.jpg events_arrow100th_2_28029.jpg events_arrow100th_2_28129.jpg events_arrow100th_group4_28229.jpg

Gallery Link(s)
– Events > 2016 > Celebration Of 100th Episode Of CW’s ‘Arrow’


Another Fashion Interview with Katie

by sheaes | labels: Hot to Adopt, Interviews, Tomboy KC

The blogger behind Allienyc.com had a chance to speak to Katie about her blog and fashion general. The interview was released on Monday. Read it below.

Allie: With a full-time acting career your plate seems pretty full what inspired you to start a blog with your friend Lynsey? And I love the tagline in your manifesto “We believe a style blog should be more then a place to brag”
Katie: Thank you very much. Honestly Lynsey and I have always bonded over fashion, it is just something that we love. She use to have her own blog and one day she’s like, you know what? We should start a blog together. And I was like OK. And basically we are doing what we did then, we are just writing it down now.

Allie: I love the design too, it looks great. And I like that you feature different people and topics. Kind of like a really cool online magazine.
Katie: And that is one of my favorite things that we do too, I love profiling different people. I just think it’s cool and it is not necessarily anyone who is in the public eye. It could be anyone, and if we dig their style or we think they’re cool or interesting we will ask them, can we profile you? And usually people are really excited to do it. So yeah it has been really fun.

Allie: Yes I find that to be the case too, that is what I aim to do with my blog eventually. I am not only into appearing on my blog in outfits. I do some of that, but it is not predominately what I like to do. I think it is more interesting meeting other people and writing about them or fashion.
Katie: Yeah I totally agree with you, it has always been this on-going joke, because you know I would love for it to be a place where all we do is feature other people. The What Katie Wore section is not necessarily my favorite, but Lynsey likes it, and I understand from a business perspective where she is coming from. And a lot of people want to see what she and I are wearing, what we are doing, and you have to sort of know who your readers are, and it is just a lot of fun. So yeah.

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Wolves at the Door Trailer

by sheaes | labels: Movies, Wolves at the Door

Wolves at the Door opening this weekend in India so thanks to WarnerBrosIndia we got the first official trailer for the movie. According to some other site it will be released on March 2, 2017 but I don’t know if that’s true. Anyway check out the first trailer below and I’m gonna add the screencaps from it soon.

twatd_offtra_3s_28229.jpg twatd_offtra_4s_28329.jpg twatd_offtra_1s_28229.jpg twatd_offtra_4s_38129.jpg twatd_offtra_5s_38629.jpg
stills_wolvesatd_002.jpg stills_wolvesatd_004.jpg stills_wolvesatd_001.jpg stills_wolvesatd_003.jpg stills_wolvesatd_002.jpg

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Movie News: Grace

by sheaes | labels: Grace, Wolves at the Door

If you are following us at Twitter and Facebook you already saw the first BTS photo of Katie’s newest film. I don’t know about you guys but pretty awesome that she is shooting a new movie so soon.
She is currently in Boston to shoot her movie, Grace.

  • Grace is an independent movie
  • One of the co-stars is Tate Donovan.
  • One of the producers said that it will be released in spring, 2017.

No other information at this moment. But we have two BTS photos.

bts_grace_instaset_001.jpg bts_grace_onset_002.jpg bts_grace_onset_001.jpg bts_grace_onset_002.jpg bts_grace_onset_001.jpg

Not related to Grace but the movie she shot last summer with Elizabeth Hestridge got a poster, click here to see it.

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– Movies > 2017(?) – Grace


Katie about Tomboy KC and Fashion

by sheaes | labels: Interviews

Katie had an interview with SittingPrettyStyling, probably when she was in New York.

Stephanie: How did you come up with the name “Tomboy KC” and the focus of your blog?
Katie: It first started with my best friend Lynsey [Eaton] who was a lawyer and before I started shooting Arrow. We bonded over Barney’s, shopping, fashion and she used to have her own blog. My style is pretty tomboy, hers more ladylike, we balanced each other out. We would help each other, switch clothing essentially swapping clothes, raiding each others closets. We realized this is something a lot of people could identify with. The name came about because of my style. The [blog] is all about being comfy in your skin; not so much about trends but rather what we think is cool and being comfortable with who you are and what you wear.

S: I love that you’re both an actress and a blogger! As a full-time publicist and blogger myself, it’s sometimes so hard to manage both. What’s the best piece of advice you can give to an aspiring blogger who also acts/works full time and may not want or be able to give up their full-time job?
K: I look at blogging as a hobby, you have to have time for yourself. My blog is a creative outlet that I get to do with my best friend! Between working I get a day that’s completely different where I get to brainstorm, write and escape.

S: Do you think working with a partner makes blogging easier?
K: 100%! Again, blogging for me is not necessarily a job; first we used to talk about all of these ideas, now we just write about them.

S: What do you consider is the most important part about having personal style?
K: Being comfortable within your own skin, having confidence; what you wear is a reflection of who you are. Confidence and the way you carry yourself.

S: What kind of opportunities have opened up for you as a blogger that you couldn’t have done before?
K: Being more a part of the fashion world. We got to collaborate and create reading glasses with glasses.com. I get to spend time on fashion, [attending] shows and learning a lot about designing. I learned about details and it taught me about incorporating this into the characters I portray. Wardrobe is a huge part of it, you have to know everything about your character, including what they would wear.

S: What are you 5 favorite fashion staples you can’t live without?
K: My leather jacket, boyfriend jeans, Equipment button down, Celine bag and my thigh highs, Christian Louboutin classic pumps and Converse.


Katie Cassidy will be on Legends of Tomorrow

by sheaes | labels: Interviews, Legends of Tomorrow, TV Shows

We are gonna have our fair share of Katie this season on CW. Some Arrow, some The Flash and now we have the confirmation on Legends of Tomorrow.

IMDB: This year all the DC shows have access to this group of floating utility players: John Barrowman, Katie Cassidy, and Wentworth Miller. How will you utilize their characters?
Marc Guggenheim:
On “Legends of Tomorrow” Wentworth and John will be members of the Legion of Doom. Katie is a far more interesting question because we actually have a story for Katie on “Legends of Tomorrow” that I am super excited about. It could be the thing I’m most excited about. But it’s early, and we’re not ready to spoil what that’s going to be. I think it could be really, really awesome.


Candids: Arriving back to Vancouver

by sheaes | labels: Candids

I just said in the other post that Katie is back in Vancouver and thanks to candids photos when can see her arriving at the airport.

candids_arrtovanc_3_28231.jpg candids_arrtovanc_3_28330.jpg candids_arrtovanc_2_28129.jpg candids_arrtovanc_3_28331.jpg candids_arrtovanc_3_28335.jpg
candids_arrtovanc_3_28929.jpg candids_arrtovanc_3_28529.jpg candids_arrtovanc_3_28629.jpg candids_arrtovanc_3_28829.jpg candids_arrtovanc_3_28230.jpg

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– Candids > 2016 > 2016.10.06 – Arriving back to Vancouver


Oh, is that Black Siren?!

by sheaes | labels: Interviews, The Flash, TV Shows

EW: It’s been said that Katie Cassidy is going to be on The Flash again this season. What can you tease of her return?
Andrew Kreisberg: Again, we don’t want to give too much away, but Katie will be back and it’s going to be fun and exciting — that much I can promise.


Cover Versions finished shooting

by sheaes | labels: Cover Versions, Movies

Katie did another little Q&A in her trailer yesterday (you can find the little chat on her FB), and we found out that yesterday was the last day of shooting of Cover Versions. They wrapped up the film within 18 days. That’s something. She is already back in Vancouver and I’m gonna share the last photos from set. Probably these are the last until the press or something.

bts_onset_1_003.jpg bts_onset_x_00.jpg bts_onset_1_0.jpg bts_onset_group_008.jpg bts_onset_1_004.jpg

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TKC: Adios Summer, See You Never

by sheaes | labels: Photoshoots, Tomboy KC

Why in the layer loving world do we need to to wear cut-offs AND crop tops? Together. The short answer? We don’t.
Which is why we are back-flipping’ excited that October has decided to grace us with its presence and brought cooler temps along with it. So we can wear our crop-tops with high-waisted pants as they were intended.

tkc_dearfall_3_28129.jpg tkc_dearfall_4_28329.jpg tkc_dearfall_2_28129.jpg tkc_dearfall_3_28929.jpg tkc_dearfall_3_28529.jpg
tkc_dearfall_4_28229.jpg tkc_dearfall_2_28229.jpg tkc_dearfall_3_28729.jpg tkc_dearfall_2_28429.jpg tkc_dearfall_2_28729.jpg

Plus Katie did a little Q&A again yesterday, check it out.

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