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Across All DC shows on CW (2016-)

Role: Laurel Lance / Black Canary / Black Siren
Status: Season 5, Season 3, Season 2
Genre: Drama, action
Episodes of Arrow: 5x01, 5x08, 5x10
Episodes of The Flash: Unknown
Episodes of Lot: Unknown
Katie Cassidy is the latest Berlantiverse actor to have a new deal, by which she is now a series regular across multiple CW superhero shows, namely Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and hopefully, some point Supergirl.
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Role: Sharon Tate
Director: John R. Leonetti
Genre: Thiller
Status: post-production
The film is sets in 1969, and follows four friends spending a night in a posh Los Angeles mansion, who find themselves beset by a quartet of deadly killers.
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Grace (2017)

Role: Dawn
Director: Devin Adair
Genre: Dark Romantic Comedy
Status: filming in Boston
The film follows Charlie Ellison, a formally famous writer living in a world of faded glory and writers block whose best friend and agent, Bernie has spent the advance on Elliston’s upcoming novel and is being stalked by his publisher, the IRS, loan sharks and his wife. In an effort to get a first draft, Bernie sends a belligerent young woman, Dawn to inspire and check on Charlie… but she has ideas of her own.
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Cover Versions (2018?)

Role: Jackie
Director: Todd Berger
Genre: Murder Mistery
Status: post-production
The film takes place in Coachella and is about four band members who tell varying accounts of a night of sex, drugs, and murder before their first big show at a popular music festival.
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TOMBOY KC (2013-)

Role: Creative director & editor
Type: Lifestyle & fashion blog
Status: Online since 2013
TomboyKC is a fashion project of Katie's, that she started in late 2013. As of now it is just a fashion blog, that shows Katie's personal tomboyish style, but it might actually grow into a fashion line soon.
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>> Vixen Season 2 as voicing Laurel Lance on CW (October, 2016)
>> TBA Video Game as one of the lead characters (2017)

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Arrow 100th – After the episode

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, Interviews, TV Shows

Last night the 100th episode of Arrow aired on CW. That’s a milestone for a show, and they should be proud of their achievement, cast and crew as well. Because of this important episode Katie had a chace to act as Laurel Lance once again. We don’t have screecaps yet, but on our youtube channel you can watch her scenes over and over again. Next time when we can see Katie in Arrow is episode 5×10 (midseason premier), but we still don’t know in what capacity.

Interviews are still coming from the 100th party:

Favourite memories of the past five season: Katie Cassidy
“Putting on the [Black Canary] jacket for the first time. And episode 313 [“Canaries”], which has one my favorite moments with Felicity. I had been training so hard to reflect the change in Laurel between Seasons 2 and 3, and I remember being in the moment and our characters finally connected…I hugged her and there was this feeling of relief to be [comforted] by someone who is so pure and who listens. Emily Bett Rickards as an actor is so generous. I was so exhausted and she was there to carry me. And any scene with Paul Blackthorne [Quentin Lance]. I love him so much.”

As it pertains to tonight’s episode there are three people that really warrant mentioning. Katie Cassidy coming back to play an integral role in our episode while filming a movie in Boston is a testament to her work ethic and her integrity both personally and professionally. She’s magnificent tonight and it was so much fun to run it back with her. – Stephen Amell on Facebook

The producers were able to secure the return of original series star Katie Cassidy, which was key “because she is such an essential figure to the show,” Kreisberg says. “She was the second lead on the show. Even though the show has evolved, Laurel is at the heart of it. She was Oliver’s great love, she’s Sara’s sister, she’s Lance’s daughter. … And on top of that, Katie Cassidy will always be so important to us. We were so happy that she agreed to come back, because she is part of the family, both behind the camera and in front of it.” – Andrew Kreisberg

And know the scenes:

  1. Shower scene
  2. Lance Sisters reunion
  3. Laurel asking Oliver about his well being
  4. Rehearsal Dinner
  5. Oliver wants to marry her asap
  6. Sara & Oliver’s goodbye to Laurel


Arrow 100th Party | Favourite Show Memories

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, Events, Gallery Update, Interviews, TV Shows

We’re so close for the Arrow 100th episode so we are getting more and more interviews from the party. While you can’t wait to see Katie again on your screen, check out the episode stills from the episode. And I added more photos from the party. After that don’t forget to read these snippets from Katie and Andrew Kreisberg.

events_arrow100th_group4_28629.jpg events_arrow100th_group3_28629.jpg events_arrow100th_group2_28130.jpg events_arrow100th_group3_28529.jpg events_arrow100th_group4_28429.jpg
still508_001_3.jpg still508_001_1.jpg still508_000.jpg still508_001_2.jpg still508_001_4.jpg

Favourite Arrow Moment (KC’s perspective)
The scene in Season 2 when Laurel puts the Black Canary jacket on for the first time, obviously. And I feel like the overall arc for me and my character has been so well written and again, they gave me somewhere to go and something I could really sink my teeth into. I just think, overall I’m really happy about it. There’s a moment in Season 3 where my character, she’s gone through so much, and finally her and Felicity have a moment together and Emily [Bett Rickards] is one of my best friends and I just remember us together on screen and connecting as actors. It was just a nice, beautiful moment. And I feel like it lifted me up.

What it Feels Like to Hit Episode 100 (KC’s perspective)
It’s been a really long journey but a really wonderful one. It’s been a growing process and a learning process. We’ve been lucky and I appreciate every second of it. Especially for me and my character, I think the writers wrote really well for me and gave me a lot to do and a lot to play with. I’ve been constantly challenged.

GreenArrowTV Andrew Kreisberg Interview:

“She is such a central figure to the show,” Kreisberg said about the decision to bring Laurel back for the centennial episode. “I mean, she was the second lead on the show, and even though the show has evolved, Laurel is at the heart of it. She was Oliver’s great love, she’s Sara’s sister, she’s Lance’s daughter,” he continued.

Andrew was reminded of Laurel’s role in those early episode when recently catching some Arrow repeats on TNT. “Watching those early episodes, so much of it revolved around her relationships with all of these characters,” he explained. “I watched the episode ‘Vertigo’ where she’s arguing with her father about how much Thea reminds her of Sara, and how he should go easy on her… I’m sitting there listening to that, and thinking about ‘God, they didn’t even know Sara was alive yet.’ Even if we get to 200 episodes, Laurel will always be at the heart of the series and be such an important character, and then on top of that, Katie Cassidy will always be so important to us. So, we were so happy that she agreed to come back, because she is part of the family, both behind the camera and in front of it.”


TKC: It’s Just Another Cyber Monday

by sheaes | labels: Photoshoots, Tomboy KC

Hop to it. Your credit card needs to work off that turkey.

tkc_cybermonday_3_28028.jpg tkc_cybermonday_2_28028.jpg tkc_cybermonday_2_28029.jpg tkc_cybermonday_2_28129.jpg tkc_cybermonday_3_28029.jpg


Arrow Favourite Flashbacks

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, Interviews

Nerdist had a chance to ask around and they were curious about the cast’s favourite flashbacks. Paul and Marc mentioned Katie as well as Colton.

“It’s so hard to choose and I’m going to get in trouble no matter what I say, but here goes,” Guggenheim shared. “I’ve actually been on the set for Tommy’s, Moira’s and Laurel’s deaths. All three times were really, really difficult and emotional.” (…) “I have to say, being on set for those scenes is always incredibly hard on everybody, but Susanna and Katie and Colin all were so gracious and so professional and such class acts, especially on nights like those.”

As for Haynes, his favorite moments on set were “just hanging out with everyone.”
“It’s amazing, we’re still all friends and we still talk after the fact,” Haynes said. “But probably my favorite is when people would mess up lines. If I start laughing I can’t stop. It would get to the point where they would have to not have me in the scene.”

I’ve been really fortunate to work here for four seasons with Katie Cassidy,” Blackthorne said. “I really enjoyed the time we had on set together. And all the scenes we had onscreen together were always my favorite.


Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Atlanta

by sheaes | labels: Conventions, Events

Katie is in Atlanta for her last appearance at a convention in 2016. Her first day went out with panel with Willa, Paul, Charlotte and  David. We don’t have video yet but thanks to comicbook.com we have their recap of the panel, here are Katie’s part:

events_hvffatlanta_group_1_28129.jpg events_hvffatlanta_d2_1_28429.jpg events_hvffatlanta_group_1_28229.jpg events_hvffatlanta_d2_1_28329.jpg events_hvffatlanta_group_1_28429.jpg

  • They was asked about thir favourite moments of this current season: “Cassidy says she can’t answer because she contractually can’t, saying, “Have I been there yet?” and Holland says, “She’s had some moments.”
  • About Thea and Quentin fauther-daughter relationship: “Cassidy discusses Quentin and Thea’s new relationship. She says Laurel would be supportive. Blackthorne tells Cassidy she would approve.”
  • The women claim they could do the salmon ladder.
  • “The cast reveal who their dream sidekick would be. Holland says “Little Penguin.” She’s been chatting with Robin Lord Taylor. Cassidy says “The Green Arrow.”
  • “The cast is asked their favorite super hero. Cassidy says Catwoman.”
  • The ladies tries the British accent – video

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Grace – Official Movie Plot

by sheaes | labels: Grace, Movies


Well, we didn’t have to wait for early December, here is the movie plot for Grace. According to DeadLine, the movie will be released next year’s summer. Hopefully that won’t change, because indie films are hard to predict.

The film follows Charlie Ellison (Tate Donovan), a formally famous writer living in a world of faded glory and writers block whose best friend and agent, Bernie (Matthew Lillard) has spent the advance on Elliston’s upcoming novel and is being stalked by his publisher, the IRS, loan sharks and his wife. In an effort to get a first draft, Bernie sends a belligerent young woman, Dawn (Katie Cassidy) to inspire and check on Charlie… but she has ideas of her own.

Genre: Dark romantic comedy
Director and writer:
Devin Adair
The rest of the cast: Mircea Monroe, Debby Ryan, Missi Pyle, Michael Madson, Gail Bean, Annie Ilonzeh, and Hugo Armstrong.


Confirmed: Laurel Lance is a fiancée in 5×08

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, TV Shows

Arrow Season 5, Episode 8 - "Invasion" - Nov. 30, 2016 (L-R): Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance and Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary

ARROW CELEBRATES 100 EPISODES; THE EPIC SUPERHERO CROSSOVER CONTINUES — Oliver (Stephen Amell) wakes up to a life where he never got on The Queen’s Gambit.  Robert (guest star Jamey Sheridan) and Moira Queen (guest star Susanna Thompson) are alive and well.  Laurel (guest star Katie Cassidy) is his loving fiancée and their wedding is imminent.  Everything seems perfect, but Oliver starts to notice small imperfections that make him question this new reality.  Meanwhile, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and the recruits take on a new threat with help from The Flash (guest star Grant Gustin) and Supergirl (guest star Melissa Benoist).

James Bamford directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti and written by Marc Guggenheim & Wendy Mericle.
Original airdate 11/30/2016.


Opens up her Closet with Hello Magazine

by sheaes | labels: Interviews, Tomboy KC

“With summer far behind us, we knew we needed to step inside Katie’s closet to see her favorite cold weather trends. Afterall, the L.A. native tells HELLO!, “Fall is my favorite time of year for fashion! I love the colors and all the layering.”

Katie, who also can be seen in the upcoming Cover Versions opposite Taylor Swift’s younger brother Austin, knows it’s important to always be comfortable while still managing to look great. “Each look is cozy and makes me think ‘fall,’” she explains. “Honestly, I think any girl can wear any of these looks. It’s all about wearing it with confidence.”

FIRST PHOTO from her wardrobe
The Fun City Girl – Velvet
Best place to wear the trend: “It’s a great look for a dinner or a night out on the town. Throw this look on with a pair of pumps and even I would stop you on the street!”
Why she loves it: “I love that it’s clean and classic. It reads smart and sophisticated yet fun.”

SECOND PHOTO from her wardrobe
The Socialite – Mules
Best place to wear the trend: “This is a great look for a lunch outing with some girlfriends!”
Why she loves it: “I love the fall feeling of this jacket and those slippers?! They are classy and comfortable!”

THIRD PHOTO from her wardrobe
The Domesticated Woman – Layering
Best place to wear the trend: “This would be a great look to run errands in. I could see myself at the grocery store in this or even some spontaneous shopping!”
Why she loves it: “One of my favorite things about fall is the layering! You can still wear dresses by adding a layer underneath like this turtle neck.”

FOURTH PHOTO from her wardrobe
The Business Woman – Casual Chic
Best place to wear the trend: “This is a great look for the office or for traveling.”
Why she loves it: “I love this suit because it’s casual but sophisticated, but yet it’s still comfortable.”

As for the accessory of the season: Katie says chokers!


Grace press release in December

by sheaes | labels: Grace, Movies

Katie is still in Boston for filming Grace, and we have two new still-ish and two insta photos from the movie. Although this is not only info we have about the film, the cast just bigger: Michael Madsen, Debby Ryan, Missi Pyle.

And the most important thing… I asked them on instagram (I stalked my brother’s ista, haha) if they can share anything about the movie and their answer was that we’re gonna get an official description for the movie in early December!

stills_grace_29998_1.jpg bts_grace_instaset_001_2.jpg stills_grace_29998_1.jpg stills_grace_29998_2.jpg bts_grace_instaset_001_1.jpg

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Rhode Island Comic Con

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, Conventions, Events, The Flash, TV Shows

Katie had another convetion for this weekend, she was there for two days: Friday and Saturday. The first day she had a panel. We don’t have lot of infos about the panel, but according to StaticRift the convetion recorded it. Although we have probably the most important information:

Just found out that Katie Cassidy will be back on Arrow and Flash as Black Siren #ricomiccon#Arrow#Flash#katiecassidy#staticrift

events_ricc_2_28230.jpg events_ricc_2_28129.jpg events_ricc_1_28129.jpg events_ricc_2_28229.jpg events_ricc_2_28429.jpg

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