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ARROW (2012-2016)

Role: Laurel Lance / Black Canary
Status: The CW (Season 1-4)
Genre: Drama, action
Airs: Wednesdays 8.7c
Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island. He secretly creates the persona of Arrow – a vigilante – to fight the ills of society.
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Role: Sharon Tate
Director: John R. Leonetti
Genre: Thiller
Status: post-production
The film is sets in 1969, and follows four friends spending a night in a posh Los Angeles mansion, who find themselves beset by a quartet of deadly killers.
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Role: TBA
Genre: Action
Status: shooting motion
According to Katie the game will be as badass as Lara Croft. Others say maybe it's Injustice 2. No more information at the moment.
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TOMBOY KC (2013-)

Role: Creative director & editor
Type: Lifestyle & fashion blog
Status: Online since 2013
TomboyKC is a fashion project of Katie's, that she started in late 2013. As of now it is just a fashion blog, that shows Katie's personal tomboyish style, but it might actually grow into a fashion line soon.
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Little surprises from Arrow season 5 DVD

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, Multimedia, News

In the past week we had so much news about Katie, and this is still going on, because today we got the Arrow blooper reel and one deleted scene fromt the DVD. Katie will be in the Whose Line is it Anyway episode tomorrow and in the next couple of days Katie will be appearing two convetions, so hopefully we’ll have photos from them. And next week will be the NYFW week, so yaaay. But enough, here are the videos:

  1. Booper Reel
  2. 4×14 deleted scenes


TKC: Prepping for Fashion Week

by sheaes | labels: Tomboy KC

Just about this time every year we start to go into a full blown panic. Our minds race, palms sweat and suitcases are so overworked from the unpacking and repacking they nearly burst.

Fashion Week is a week away.

And while we are filled with the usual mix of excitement and dread (nothing gets the anxiety pumping like New York traffic, a packed schedule and missed meals), this year seems a smidge more hectic than usual. Between holidays, work commitments and travel schedules, the time we usually take to prepare for the upcoming onslaught of shows and meetings seems to have fallen through the cracks of our calendar with no space left to squeeze it in.

Sure, this isn’t our first rodeo and we aren’t at a complete loss when it comes to dressing ourselves (we’ve made it this far in life), but the frenzy surrounding preparing for the whole thing still gets us every time.

Every. Single. Time.

So while we are both travelling this week we’ll do our best to keep calm and carry on. Because at this point, there’s not really much else we can do.

tkc_prepfornyfw_3_001.jpg tkc_prepfornyfw_1_002.jpg tkc_prepfornyfw_1_001.jpg tkc_prepfornyfw_2_001.jpg tkc_prepfornyfw_3_001.jpg


HVFF San Jose

by sheaes | labels: Conventions, Events, Interview, News

HVFF San Jose is happening right know, Katie, Colin, Paul and Charlotte already had their panel, it was the first one for the day. There were nothing significant about the panel regarding to news, but clicking here you can watch it. It’s a periscope link, if someone update on youtube I’m gonna change the link.

Sure, Katie got the question about resurrecting and the Earth2 character but she only answered with the same old you-can-never-know-in-this-universe answer. Other than this we got a glimpse of her “before-acting” life, she was a hostess in a diner, where she had to dance (nothing inappropriate), the diner was open for two weeks.

We have six photos from the panel thanks to Michael O’Donnell Photography. Later on we’ll have some official photos but we always have to wait for them.

events_hvff_sjdt_1mo_28129.jpg events_hvff_sjdt_groupmo_28129.jpg events_hvff_sjdt_1mo_28229.jpg events_hvff_sjdt_groupmo_28229.jpg events_hvff_sjdt_1mo_28429.jpg

Gallery Link(s):
– Events > 2016 > Heroes & Villains Fan Fest – San Jose


Macy’s Herald Square

by sheaes | labels: Conventions, Events, Gallery Update, News

This was the third and last time with Macy’s Back to School event, because yeah, a few days and schools are starting again, so Katie got all glammed up and she flew to NYC to do the last meet and greet. Here are the photos (and an official photo from Macy’s Woodfield):

events_macys_nychs_3_001.jpg events_macys_nychs_2_001.jpg events_macys_nychs_1_001.jpg events_macys_nychs_3_002.jpg events_macys_schill_001.jpg

Today Katie will be in San Jose because today she has an apperance in the convention centre, because it’s HVFF time. Today she and her co-stars has a panel, so probably we’ll have lots of photos just like evewrytime.

Gallery Link(s):
– Events > 2016 > Meet & Greet at Macy’s Woodfield
– Events > 2016 > Meet & Greet at Macy’s Herald Square


UFC training #2

by sheaes | labels: Events, Misc, News

As I expected we got some official photos and video of the training. Once again, Katie, Emily and Echo had an opportunity to train with UFC fighters yesterday in Vancouver. This is the second post about the training, if you missed the first one, click here. And here is another BTS video.

events_ufctrainig_003.jpg events_ufctrainig_007.jpg events_ufctrainig_002.jpg events_ufctrainig_008.jpg events_ufctrainig_005.jpg

Gallery Link(s):
– Events > 2016 > UFC Athletes Train w/ the Cast of Arrow


Comic Con Paris

by June | labels: Conventions, Events

On October 21,22 and 23 Katie will be attending Paris Comic Con. For those of you who are in the area and would like more infos click here.
Aside from the autograph/photo ops session she will also be doing what they call a “private dinner” here are the different prices:

Signing Session: 17€
Autograph fees do not include admission to the show. Admission to the show must be purchased separately.
Photos Ops: 38€
Photo Ops fees do not include admission to the show. Admission to the show must be purchased separately.
Pack (Dinner+ Photo + Signing Session) : 279.90€ (in very limited number)
The pack includes a photo, a signing session and a dinner with Katie Cassidy, on Saturday October 22nd. The signing session and photo ops will take place on Saturday during the festival. Pack fees do not include admission to the show. Admission to the show must be purchased separately.


UFC + Cast of Arrow (UFC training #1)

by sheaes | labels: Events, Misc, News

I’m not really sure what’s happening, but Katie, Echo and Emily had a little training with two UFC fighters, and they were camera mans and photographers as well in the gym, so it’s some sort of project?? Really, don’t know, but here are some bts videos:

  1. UFC’s live periscope
  2. Katie’s instagram video
  3. Echo Kellum’s snap + more snaps
  4. How to sell a punch
  5. Group photo
  6. Learning from the best
  7. Katie Cassidy is a beast!
  8. Bandaging with Stephen Thompson
  9. Hit us with your best shot


Whose Line is it Anyway? Stills

by sheaes | labels: Events, Misc, News

First of all we don’t have any official photos from Macy’s event, so there’s that. Maybe next time in New York, August 27th, more info here.

Buuut here are some news. Katie will be in CW’s Whose Line is it anyway? game show on August 31th. We got some stills from the episode and a teaser from May and they filmed the episode back in January.

otherworks_wlisa_001.jpg otherworks_wlisa_002.jpg otherworks_wlisa_001.jpg otherworks_wlisa_003.jpg otherworks_wlisa_001.jpg

Gallery Link(s):
– Other Works > Game Shows > Whose Line is it Anyway? (2016)


TKC: Prepping for Fall

by sheaes | labels: Tomboy KC

It’s mid to late August (hell, let’s just go with late) and as far as we are concerned we are officially allowed to start shopping for Fall. Which is basically what we have done.

tkc_talistaltk_3_002.jpg tkc_talistaltk_3_000.jpg tkc_talistaltk_1_002.jpg tkc_talistaltk_3_000_1.jpg tkc_talistaltk_3_003.jpg

PS: I won’t be here for the next couple of days, so I won’t be able to update you guys on the Macy’s Woodfield event, just on Monday. 


Katie’s days in Miami

by sheaes | labels: Events, News

We already knew that she’ll have an event on August 13 in Miami, and she arrived a day before (Friday), when she hit up the beach, of course. And yesterday she appeared on the event as well. It was a meet and greet with fans, and can I just say she looked so happy. She will have two more events with Macy’s, the next one will be in Schaumburg on August 20th, more info here. Let’s see the photos, shall we?

candids_miami_081316_2_28429.jpg candids_miami_081316_1_28329.jpg candids_miami_081316_1_28129.jpg candids_miami_081316_1_28529.jpg candids_miami_081316_2_28729.jpg
candids_arrivingtodadeland_003.jpg events_macys_dadelandmiami_2_28529.jpg events_macys_dadelandmiami_1_28229.jpg events_macys_dadelandmiami_2_29229.jpg candids_arrivingtodadeland_004.jpg

Gallery Link(s):
– Candids > 2016 > 2016.08.12 – Seen at the beach in Miami
– Candids > 2016 > 2016.08.13 – Arriving to Macy’s meet and greet in Miami
– Events > 2016 > Meet and Greet at Macy’s Dadeland

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